Benchmarking letters from HMRC

Look out for letters from HMRC People beware!  HMRC are sending benchmarking letters that could catch you out. The HMRC analysts have come up with a series of net profit ratios and identified the most common mistakes made by small businesses, the idea being that mistakes or errors can be sorted before tax returns are […]

Posted in July 2014

Self-employed Contractor Vs Limited Company Contractor

What are the differences? Many contractors are confused about their trading status, (are they self-employed or not?) so at A4C we decided to explain the differences, alongside the introduction of the new A4C Contractor Options Guide. Self-employed Contractors Someone who is self-employed is indistinguishable from their business. They need to keep accounting records (detailing income, […]

Posted in July 2014

How far can you stretch a tax-free loan?

In 2014 the amount that a director could borrow from their company, tax-free DOUBLED! However, with this improvement came stricter rules to prevent tax avoidance tactics. The A4C Director’s Loan Account Guide explains the new rules and outlines how you could take an (almost indefinite) interest free loan.

Posted in July 2014

Do you need a fluffer?

Watching TV the other day and one of those annoying shampoo ads came on. You know, the ones where they get gorgeous girls to stand in front of the camera, hair blowing behind them? Well I always thought they used a wind machine for this but it appears that’s not always the case… The Daily […]

Posted in July 2014

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