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As an existing a4c client please feel free to use this page to log in to your Xero accounting portal, read our quick tips to managing your business or watch informative HMRC videos selected especially for you if this is your first experience running a business.

This is your space- we frequently update it to bring you all the latest news and important information you need to know.

login in to your online Xero portal

Managing your business affairs in Xero couldn’t be simpler. Almost everything you need can be accessed from the dashboard.  The three most important actions are:

  1. Set up an automated bank feed. Click the green ‘Get Bank Feed’ button.Xero accredited silver partners
  2. Record the work you do for clients by clicking on the ‘Add Invoice’ button.
  3. Keep track of any expenses you incur personally (i.e. cash from your pocket or payments from your personal bank account) by creating an ‘Expense Claim’.

If you haven’t already, download the FREE Xero app for your smartphone or tablet for accounting on the go.

Your Xero subscription is included for FREE as part of our service and we encourage you to fall in love with this online portal the way we have!

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why is it important to maintain good business records?

Firstly it is a legal requirement and if you are a limited company director then it is your responsibility to know what your company’s money has been spent on.  Plus, you need to know how profitable you are – otherwise why are you in business?

Of course sensible money management means that you should be able to plan for VAT and Corporation Tax bills, as well as knowing how much money there is available for you personally. After all, you’re not doing it purely for the love of working are you?

Finally by keeping real time business records it means that at a4c we can give you support throughout the year and tailor our service and advice to your exact needs.

what is corporation tax?

As a limited company director you need to know what the business has to pay and when. Perhaps the most important liability is Corporation Tax.

In this short HMRC video you will be told in basic terms how Corporation Tax is calculated, when it should be reported and on what date the payment should be made.

Of course at a4c we manage the reporting and deadlines on your behalf but we believe that if you understand how to run your business correctly then we can better represent you as accountants, helping you achieve maximum profitability and tax efficient trading.

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