Considering starting your own limited company?

Are you considering starting up a limited company in the future or have you recently done so?

You might have done some research already but you probably still have many questions that you’d like to ask.

Answering your questions

  • How much will it cost you to start up your limited company and what are the annual running costs?
  • Will you be able to access enough money to cover your household bills and is starting a limited company the right decision financially?
  • Will you be able to answer questions from friends, family, colleagues and clients about your trading affairs?
  • Will you be able to meet your legal obligations with HMRC and Companies House?


Of course you can Google the answers to some of these things but it’s not the same as talking through your options.  Rather than worrying about where to turn call a4c today for a free and friendly chat.  Many of our clients are just like you and starting up a limited company for the first time and so rest assured that there is no such thing as a silly question!

Free consultation

We can set up your limited company for you, should you want our help, along with ongoing accountancy support, from just £100 +VAT per month, but you won’t receive a hard sell (as that’s not in our nature!).

Instead you can book a free one-hour consultation and have an honest and informal chat about your options.  If you like our style of working then we would love you to sign up as a client, but there really is no pressure.

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Book your free consultation for starting a limited company – you have nothing to lose!

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