Step by Step Guide

The HMRC claim portal went live this week and many clients have already claimed their grant from the government, which is great news.

We are aware that a few people have reported problems and therefore I thought it might help to explain how the process works, using a step by step guide:



  • You then either need to login using your Government Gateway login details or you need to create a Government Gateway login using the link on the screen.
  • HMRC will verify your identity and therefore the quickest way to be verified is to enter your passport number, so it’s worth having this to hand.



  • Once logged in to the Government Gateway you will be asked to enter your contact details
  • HMRC will display on screen the grant amount available to you and how this was calculated



  • You will be asked to enter your bank account details
  • Finally, you need to make a declaration that the claim is accurate
  • Click Accept and Submit
  • Once the claim has been submitted you should receive funds in your bank account within 6 working days.



We are aware that some people are being told that they are not eligible, when they believe they should be.  We also know of people told they are eligible but then unable to pass the identity verification process.  And we have some clients with no access to a computer to make the claims online.

In each instance the advice from HMRC has been to call the dedicated helpline number below.  Claims are being processed over the phone where people are having computer issues.

You may need to wait to get through (up to an hour was reported yesterday) but once your call is answered the HMRC team are friendly and very helpful:

0800 024 1222

Opening times:
Saturday 16 May 2020: 8am to 4pm
Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm

More Support

For more help with your grant claim or any other accounting matters please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at a4c:

Call 01737 652 852 or email