In the coming weeks, we will be preparing and filing the P11d reports for 2021/22 for those Employers that need it.

What is a P11d and who needs to submit one?

As you may be aware, a P11d is used to report to HMRC instances where employees (including directors) have received a personal benefit in kind.

Where this is the case additional National Insurance needs to be paid, at 13.8% on the value of the benefit.

Examples of such benefits include:

· Medical insurance / treatment
· Gym membership
· Company car
· A loan to a director over £10,000
· Relocation expenses in excess of £8,000

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If you have submitted a P11d previously then HMRC will expect a return each year, even if there are no further benefits.  Failure to report may result in you receiving a penalty notice.

Even if you don’t receive a letter, it is your responsibility to report any benefits paid to employees and so please get in touch if you think you might need to make a submission, or if you have any questions.

The filing deadline is 6th July 2022.