Join us on 15th July 2015

Reigate & Banstead Council host monthly networking lunches for businesses like yours in the borough.  Each event follows a theme with interesting speakers providing useful insights for small business owners.

In July it’s our turn to speak at a Reigate Learning Lunch!

We are delighted and very proud to have been invited to present at one of these events, our chosen specialty being ‘Managing Your Cash’.

Have you heard the saying “Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity but Cash is Reality”?

When you’re a small business there’s no point having an impressive turnover or profit on paper if there’s no money left in the bank to reward yourself with.

The key is to know your numbers and at A4C we would like to demonstrate how.

Whether you use sophisticated accounting software or a simple spreadsheet the principles are the same.  We can help you to focus on Money In versus Money Out and show you how to use this information to reach your Money Goals.

To Attend…

This event will be free to attend.  Simply call us on 01737 652 852 to reserve your place.

Other Learning Lunches in 2015:

  • 14 January – Mark Mortimer – Working Smarter – Knowing yourself and what motivates you
  • 11 February  – TBC
  • 11 March – Ricky Abbott from Digital Direct – Brave new World – Generating Revenue from the social customer
  • 15 April – Jeff Smith from Sandler Training – Growing your Business – Making the sale, how to know what your customers want
  • 17 June – Jovan Maric from Square Daisy – Brave new World – Creating video content for your website
  • 15 July – A4C group – Minding the Money – Managing your cash
  • 16 September – James Dempster from Cobb PR – Brave new World – Linked-In as a marketing tool?
  • 14 October – Computex – Minding the Money – Setting financial objectives
  • 11 November – Leo Kane from Blue Beagle – Working Smarter – Getting Profit from your website/marketing
  • 9 December – Roger Steep – Growing your Business – Recruitment getting it right first time/overcoming bias

For details of other speakers presenting at other Reigate Learning Lunches in 2015 click here.