This week’s adverse weather conditions meant that Natasha and I reviewed our home working policies to ensure that, in the event of our Newdigate office being snowed in, the team could still work and deliver any deadline related tasks.

(This is a busy week for payrolls and VAT returns!)

When we formed a4c we created an accountancy practice that could operate from anywhere with a secure internet connection and phone signal. The move into office space a few years ago was more about working as a team, sharing knowledge, meeting clients and not being isolated.  However at a4c we could all work remotely, every day if we wanted to.

Addicted to the weather forecast

Like everyone I’ve been glued to the weather reports this week to decide if today is the day we work remotely?  But it also had me thinking about remote working and if this is good for our well-being as humans?

As the UK is battered by snow and freezing conditions in 2018, should society be logging on and delivering their 8 hours of paid employment, or should people be encouraged to snuggle down on the sofa with their loved ones and appreciate what they’ve got?

Should parents be wrapping up warm and  heading into the snow to make #HappyMemories?

Should we be on Instagram posting pictures of snow, children in the snow, dogs in the snow, cats in the snow, cars buried in snow?!!

Always on

The fact is that I never stop working, my laptop is nearby and I always have a ‘to do’ list whirring around in my head, but maybe if we get heavy snow fall tonight I might take a few hours off tomorrow to walk the dog, throw snowballs with the kids and take photos… but don’t tell the boss!  😉

Esther  x

PS Coming soon… how our remote working systems are secure, protected and compliant in line with the new GDPR rules.  Watch this space for that exciting gem!