Changes to motoring laws mean that HMRC will be given a special exemption from obeying the speed limit.

Taxman allowed to speed

This means that the taxman (along with border force agency staff) will soon be allowed to break the speed limit, just like the police, fire service and ambulances.

Despite not being an emergency service in the traditional sense this change in the law has been recommended for HMRC staff who deal with major crimes, such as drug smuggling or people trafficking.

Many people  involved in the consultation strongly disagreed with the need for speed by the taxman, arguing that it would be unlikely that a life would be in danger and therefore the need for an emergency response seemed unnecessary.  However Whitehall reassured those with concerns that this exemption would be used in limited circumstances and only those drivers who had undertaken an advanced driving course would be allowed to put their foot down.

Sadly for the rest of us, the late filing of a tax return does not qualify for exemption and so bombing down the M4 at five to midnight on 31st of January will not help you avoid penalties (from HMRC or the speed cameras!)