Life doesn’t have to stop because of the Coronavirus Pandemic!

At a4c we’ve been embracing online video calls to keep in touch as a team and to continue meetings with our clients, where they would normally have come to the office in Newdigate.

There are lots of software options available and so we’ve explained below why we chose Zoom (and not just because we love a bit of Aretha Franklin!)

Why Zoom?

If you are working from home, you may be familiar with online meeting rooms and webinars where you can have online meetings from your phone, desktop or tablet. But which is the best conferencing software?

Skype is ideal for its video capabilities and is good for screensharing and audio, MS Teams works nicely but has limitations on numbers.  However, we have found that Zoom combines HD video conferencing, online business meetings, webinars, and mobile capabilities into one solution.

Here are four reasons why we love this online meeting software:

1)       It is free!

2)      The app can be downloaded in minutes.

3)      Easy to use and for a range of purposes.

4)      Only one person must have an account on zoom.  Everyone else can simply click on a meeting link and jump right in from their phone, tablet or computer.

It also offers screen sharing, annotation, messaging, recording, webinars, client meetings, zoom rooms… and so much more!

This is why A4C loves Zoom above all other online meeting platforms.

Joining a meeting:

There are two easy ways to join a meeting once you have downloaded the Zoom software onto your computer, tablet or phone:

1)      Click the link which has been sent to you via email and it will take you directly into the meeting. (You do not need to sign in for this option)

2)      Sign into zoom and click the ‘join’ button and enter your meeting ID number and display name in. (You do need to sign in for this option)

Scheduling a meeting:

If you want to host your own meetings then register for a free account.  Log in and click ‘schedule a meeting’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It will then take you onto a different screen where you fill out a form of your meeting preferences.

It is a very easy and quick process.

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