HMRC telephone lines are being closed, due to staff shortages.

How will this imact you?  And what can you do if you have queries?



HMRC’s self-assessment helpline (0300 200 3310) will be unavailable from 12th June until 4th September 2023.

The agent dedicated line is available, but calls are very rarely answered.


The VAT registration helpline was closed recently, with no indication of if / when this will reopen.

Industrial Action

These recent telephone line closures follow a month of strikes by HMRC workers, which has seen very little movement on tax rebates, VAT or PAYE registrations and other outstanding queries.

Under Pressure

We understand that HMRC are under huge pressure, due to staff shortages, and whilst the summer is typically a quieter time for tax return filing etc the turnaround times are the longest we’ve ever seen.


How to get help

With the phone lines closed the only way to get help currently is by writing to HMRC (expect at least a 6-week response time) or you can use the online Web Chat service (but brace yourself for a long wait).


We are aware that these HMRC service issues have a knock on effect to the service we are able to offer our clients, and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Unfortunately, HMRC made this announcement without any prior consultation with the accounting regulators and there is lobbying of Parliament underway, to overturn this decision

Sadly there isn’t much we can do, but if you have any concerns that you want to discuss we are very willing to listen.