There are many benefits to freelancing

Let’s be clear before we get into this list, freelancing is not for everyone.

It’s like Marmite, once you learn to love it you’ll keep coming back for more!

Here’s our (somewhat tongue in cheek) list why freelancing is bad for your health.

Freelancing gives you…

1. Indigestion

From rich foods and fine wines afforded by your increased earnings.

2. Sun Burn

From long days on the golf course or exotic holidays abroad.

3. Headaches

Following nights of client entertainment.  How else do you source the next gig?

4. Back Stabbing Pains

From the jealous permies you work alongside when you take home more money and (sometimes) have less stress.

5. Earache

From the other half, complaining about your lazy days when ‘on the bench’ (and long hours when on a job / entertaining).

Sounds awful…

Facing the facts as a freelancer

Sadly it’s not all sunshine and roses.

When you work as a freelancer you are your own boss – good times.  But you are also your own boss – bad times!  You need to have discipline and motivation to source work and manage your business affairs.

There are also a number of things to consider:

  • Trading structure – should you work self employed or limited company?
  • Accounting systems – what’s best, paper and spreadsheets or cloud accounting software?
  • Professional partners – do you have time to do it yourself or should you work with an accountant?

A4C are freelancer specialist accountants

Our clients are just like YOU.  They are busy people with manic lives and they want the business administration and accountancy tasks to be taken care of on their behalf.  They also want lower tax bills and restful nights sleep not worrying about penalties and deadlines.

We deliver.


So what are you waiting for?

Let A4C show you how to benefit from freelancingAt A4C we’re more than just accountants, we are lifestyle enhancers!

Let us show you the way…

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