Contractor accounts with A4C

Although we’re sure the contractors on set in Australia aren’t complaining.

Three paid weeks of winter sunshine, looks like a great gig!

Like you, we were determined not to watch the ITV series this year but, like millions of others we’ve been sucked in and are glued to the telly every night.

It’s funny how many similarities every day life has with this hit show…

How similar is your contract to jungle life?

You might be kept in the dark on project information, forced to work with snakes and cockroaches (permies jealous of your contract rates), exposed to unpleasant smells in the office and forced to eat bland canteen food!

You tell yourself it’s only for 6 months, the next contract will be better but to reach the end you have to endure your own form of Bush Tucker Trials:

  • Panic over Payroll

  • Tax Return Terror

  • Chamber of (Receipt) Horrors

  • War Chest Calamity

  • Vile VAT Returns

If you survive all that you then can find yourself moved to tears by HMRC’s grueling tax rules and gruesome red tape.  Then the final challenge is selecting the right accountant to help you…

Contractor accountants – it’s a jungle out there!

  • You need an accountant you can call or email, without fear of additional charges.
  • You need to know that you’re not paying a penny more in tax than you have to.
  • You need a simple method of raising invoices and recording expenses – like our free cloud accounting software.
  • You need to be reminded when deadlines are approaching and guidance when making decisions.

You need Esther & Natasha at A4C!

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