The advice that we give will only be as good as the information, upon which it is based. 

We respectfully request that as a client of a4c you commit to the following, in order to give us the best chance of providing you with relevant advice and first-class accounting services:

  • Please ensure that you provide accurate and complete data regarding your sources of income and expenditure, for trading businesses, this includes bank statements to confirm balances at the financial year end
  • Where applicable, book-keeping software, such as Xero, will need to be kept up to date, with bank feed connections maintained
  • Receipts / supporting paperwork for purchases and loan agreements should be provided electronically by email or submitted to Dext / Xero, as appropriate
  • If you are bound by the rules of the Construction Industry Scheme, then we require evidence of payments in the contractor / subcontractor chain 
  • From time to time we will raise queries with you by email / telephone in relation to our accounting services and we request that you respond to these requests for information within a timely manner (ideally within a day or two).

Don’t be afraid to ask…

Often people are embarassed to ask questions, due to a fear that they should already know the answers.  At a4c our approachable team will ensure that your queries are dealt with in a sympathetic and understanding way.  We do our best to remove the stuffy accounting jargon, to explain things to you in clear terms.

If you need clarification on any of the above then get in touch on 01737 652 852.