The Government Gateway is a central place where you can register to use online government services.

This registration system was changed on 07/07/22 to allow driving licenses to be used to verify your identity, which has made registering for a Government Gateway account far easier for you.

Do I need one?

It is not mandatory, but we would recommend creating an account to all our clients.  It’s free to do and gives you visibility of your tax position.

You may find that you need to create one automatically in the following circumstances:

– You are required to send a self-assessment tax return

– You have set up a private limited company that needs to pay corporation tax

– You operate a business where you have started to employ people

– You operate a business that needs to charge Value Added Tax because your taxable revenue is over £85,000


How do i set up my Government Gateway account?

  • Visit the HM Revenue & Customs – GOV.UK website
  • Search Government Gateway then select HMRC services: sign in or register
  • You’ll need at 2/6 of the following identifications to verify you to register:

– Tax credit claim details

– P60 or most recent pay slip

– UK passport

– Information on credit file (such as loans, credit cards or mortgages)

– A self-assessment tax return (within the last 3 years)

– GB driving licence (from DVLA or DVA)

  • Remember your log in ID and password! This is VERY important as you are only shown your Government Gateway login number once, so we strongly recommend that you take a screen shot or write it down.


What are the benefits to me?

A Government Gateway account enables you to have full access of HMRC online services, which lets you view your:

– Personal tax account

– Business tax account

– Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax

– Pension schemes


– And more…

Having a Government Gateway login will also ensure that all submissions made online are secure, so no more hassle of mailing important documents to HMRC only to find they have been lost in the post.

This online service provides a free, simple and quick method of submitting your important documents to HMRC.

For more information feel free to call the a4c Team on 01737 652 852.