In a modern society it is important that we each pay our fair share of tax.

The money we pay the government ensures that we live in civilisation, that our children are educated, our hospitals open and our streets clean and safe.

We accept tax as an inevitable part of life, but it doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy paying it!

The good news… Tax Freedom Day 2014

From today you don’t have to pay any more tax for the rest of the year!

According to the Adam Smith Institute in 2014 the UK’s Tax Freedom Day fell on May 28th.  This think tank has calculated, that with the current levels of direct and indirect taxation (income tax, VAT, NI, Council Tax etc) Britons will be paying tax for 41% of the year, which equates to 148 days.

So from today, STOP working for the Chancellor and start working for yourself!

This year’s Tax Freedom Day fell 3 days sooner than in 2013, which means that taxpayers are collectively paying less tax than last year.  Whether it will stay like this in the future largely depends on the outcome of next year’s general election.

When is your Tax Freedom Day?

You don’t have to be part of the average.  If you run your own business there are key steps you need to take to ensure that your tax  is calculated correctly.

Whether you are a contractor, freelancer, sole trader, partnership or limited company director A4C are on hand to help you manage your personal and business tax affairs, so that you pay the full tax that you owe but not a penny more than you need to.

For more information see our Need To Know Guide on paying tax or call A4C on 01737 652 852 to start saving tax TODAY!